Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sir Laughs A Lot {Utah County Children Photographer}

I love taking pictures of this lil' guy! He is changing so fast it's crazy! These pictures are from the beginning of the month and we have already changed since then! We had added 2 more teeth!! Are you kidding me? We are currently working on another one and it is NOT pretty! I am ready to have my happy giggly boy back any day now! I am obsessed with the way he smiles at his Daddy! His face just lights up as soon as Michael walks in the door (not sayin' I blame the kid cuz let's get real so do I...), but I love the way they interact with one another.  Melts my heart every darn time! Love them!

Look at this face....pissed as all get out that we are yet again taking pictures!

But then Daddy tickles him to get some smiles!

The notorious tongue shot!

I wish you could hear the giggle that goes with this face!

This next series of 3 pictures are my FAVORITE!!!

Love you little boy!

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