Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

I love me some football! I am not one of those girls that goes dressed up to look pretty and try to catch the eye of some hot stud (no offense if that is your intention while at a football game...that's just not me). I actually love to watch the game and know a good deal about what is going on (yes even before I married my studly football coach husband). I love the strategery (thanks G.W. Bush for that word) and I love all the amazing catches and all the hard hits! If I could have played football I would have been a linebacker for sure!

Anywho, these lovely pictures happen to be at Halftime of a BYU game. I am not really sure about my love to take pictures while making hideous and disgusting double chin faces, but apparently I am not alone and good things happen in threes...or is that bad things? Either way I Love these ladies!! Never a dull moment!

This is an awesome bitter beer face....but since we were at BYU and there is no beer while at the games, we will call this the sour skittle face! :) Traci's is my favorite!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Loves!


  1. Oh my! I love your play-by-play! :) Great memories.

  2. These are hideous double chins and I'm glad the whole world got to see 'em! Mine is the worst. Ha, good times.