Monday, March 28, 2011

Louisa & David {Salt Lake County Wedding Photographer}

These two wonderful people gave me the opportunity to be there and capture one of the most important 
days for them not only as a couple but as a family. All 3 were sealed for time and eternity in the 
Salt Lake Temple. What a wonderful experience for them! I am honored that they chose me 
and hope that they will love the images as much as I do! 
Don't mind the picture OVERLOAD, they were just so cute I had a hard time choosing!

I LOVE how grandma is covering baby boy's eyes! Too funny!

BFF's! <3

Isn't she beautiful?!

AND Funny! Double threat! :)


"Let me in!!"

I LOVE how passionate David is, and how giddy that makes Louisa!

Kisses for Mommy

Ok these next 5 pictures are in a series...I DIED laughing when I took these!
Little one= not a big fan of pictures....

"ugh MOM! I don't wanna!"

I have had just about enough!!
I think that is the sweetest sad face I have ever seen :)

And all he wanted to do was climb!

Just kidding guys! I'm back!

LOVED her flowers!