Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Foto Friday!

Ok I have missed a couple Fridays now and boy do I have a couple fabulous pics to share with you today!
 There are actually a series of photos, so we will call today Fun Foto(s) Friday!
This was a few summers ago...check out my tan!! HOLLER!
I had so much fun in the summer time in Provo with all my friends. We got a little creative
which made things quite interesting! Who rents sumo suits for a 21st Bday? WE DO!
After Traci helped me get into my sweet (or should I say sweat) suit...she hoped in and 
we did a little time in the ring! I don't think anyone won because we just couldn't stop laughing
long enough to even do some wrastling! But this was OH SO FUN! Loved every minute of it!

Naughty Naughty Sumo Wrestler....this is what I like to call "The Jersey Turnpike"

The old "Asian Peace Sign"

A lil' Sumo on Sumo Action! :) Never a dull moment!

GOOD TIMES! Stay tuned til' next Friday! More to come!

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