Thursday, March 31, 2011

Growing WAY Too Fast!

This little guy is seriously growing faster than I can keep up with! These photos were taken 2 weeks ago and he has already changed in those 2 weeks! Are you kidding me?? I am a total slacker and need to take his 9 month I have some homework tonight!! But good night he is a cutie!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Louisa & David {Salt Lake County Wedding Photographer}

These two wonderful people gave me the opportunity to be there and capture one of the most important 
days for them not only as a couple but as a family. All 3 were sealed for time and eternity in the 
Salt Lake Temple. What a wonderful experience for them! I am honored that they chose me 
and hope that they will love the images as much as I do! 
Don't mind the picture OVERLOAD, they were just so cute I had a hard time choosing!

I LOVE how grandma is covering baby boy's eyes! Too funny!

BFF's! <3

Isn't she beautiful?!

AND Funny! Double threat! :)


"Let me in!!"

I LOVE how passionate David is, and how giddy that makes Louisa!

Kisses for Mommy

Ok these next 5 pictures are in a series...I DIED laughing when I took these!
Little one= not a big fan of pictures....

"ugh MOM! I don't wanna!"

I have had just about enough!!
I think that is the sweetest sad face I have ever seen :)

And all he wanted to do was climb!

Just kidding guys! I'm back!

LOVED her flowers!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

I love me some football! I am not one of those girls that goes dressed up to look pretty and try to catch the eye of some hot stud (no offense if that is your intention while at a football game...that's just not me). I actually love to watch the game and know a good deal about what is going on (yes even before I married my studly football coach husband). I love the strategery (thanks G.W. Bush for that word) and I love all the amazing catches and all the hard hits! If I could have played football I would have been a linebacker for sure!

Anywho, these lovely pictures happen to be at Halftime of a BYU game. I am not really sure about my love to take pictures while making hideous and disgusting double chin faces, but apparently I am not alone and good things happen in threes...or is that bad things? Either way I Love these ladies!! Never a dull moment!

This is an awesome bitter beer face....but since we were at BYU and there is no beer while at the games, we will call this the sour skittle face! :) Traci's is my favorite!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Loves!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sir Laughs A Lot {Utah County Children Photographer}

I love taking pictures of this lil' guy! He is changing so fast it's crazy! These pictures are from the beginning of the month and we have already changed since then! We had added 2 more teeth!! Are you kidding me? We are currently working on another one and it is NOT pretty! I am ready to have my happy giggly boy back any day now! I am obsessed with the way he smiles at his Daddy! His face just lights up as soon as Michael walks in the door (not sayin' I blame the kid cuz let's get real so do I...), but I love the way they interact with one another.  Melts my heart every darn time! Love them!

Look at this face....pissed as all get out that we are yet again taking pictures!

But then Daddy tickles him to get some smiles!

The notorious tongue shot!

I wish you could hear the giggle that goes with this face!

This next series of 3 pictures are my FAVORITE!!!

Love you little boy!