Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway {Utah County Photographer}

 I have been blessed with an amazing mom and amazing examples around me of what a mother ought to be. I know that if I turn out to be half the mom my mother was to me, my kids will be blessed beyond measure. With Mother's day just around the corner, my good friend Kristy and I came up with something that we could give back to all the mothers we know! I will be giving one of her special readers a FREE "Mommy and Me" photo session. Being  new mom and a photographer, I have realized I am ALWAYS behind the camera taking the pictures and capturing the memories being made. The only photos I have with my lil' guy are when MY mom comes up and then SHE gets behind the lens. :) Anywho, for all of MY readers....hope on over to Kristy's blog where she shares THE MOST AMAZING recipes and some fun fitness knowledge as well. For those of you who don't know Kristy the woman can cook and bake and yet is a skinny minnie, so she is doing something right! I am so excited to see who wins and hope that you all will enter, if not for yourself, but for a chance to give a mom you know who is deserving of some new photos with her little ones! Feel free to pass the word along, the more the merrier!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Love is in the Air {Salt Lake Wedding Photographer}

Not only was this weekend Easter, but I had the pleasure to tag along with one of the most amazing girls I know! Tiffany was the photographer for her cute cousin Jeff and his gorgeous bride Tia. She let me tag along and watch her work her magic! I am so excited to shar more of these with you soon...but for now just a taste! Tia's dress was BEYOND gorgeous!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Foto {Good}Friday & Happy Easter {Utah County Children Photographer}

I LOVE Easter! I love what it represents and what it reminds all of us of...
I am not sure how bunnies and egg hunts got thrown in the mix,
but I won't complain because Mini Cadbury eggs are a little slice of Heaven!
I took these cute lil' boys out for some pics and came home with a full memory card!
I love watching these BFF's interact and play with one another.
Brady constantly wants what KP has and it doesn't matter what it is, all Brady knows
is that if KP has it, he wants it. Poor KP cried when Brady took his shoes.
I don't blame him though, his shoes were pretty shnazzy.
Please excuse the photo I said my card was full when arriving home!

Look at that smile!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sneak Peek {Utah County Engagement Photographer}

I had so much fun this gorgeous weekend with a gorgeous and incredibly fun couple!
Sarah and Michael had a vintage picnic in an orchard...AMAZING....
and I cannot wait to show off all those details...but first I thought I would just show a little sneak peek
of all the hotness I am working on right now! They are so in love and it just makes my heart happy!

And this is my FAVORITE shot to date....Sarah you are beyond beautiful!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

Ok so last week I was a total slacker! Michael and I had to split up the day and play babysitter, so real work had to be done and Fun Foto Friday was put on the back burner! I promise I have a few funny images this week to make up for last week! I have more funny faces to add to my collection.  I am pretty sure in college I didn't take one serious photo...or maybe I did but they all morphed into weird face pics. Quick! Who can make the ugliest face!?

I'm pretty sure Traci's face trumps my fish face! :)
This one happens to be while at a red light...why not take a weird picture?! 
Now is as good as any ol' time right?

Ah yes a normal one... :) We rock at life!

Traci I love you long time :) Thanks for not hating me sharing these wicked awesome photos!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diego {Utah County Senior Portait Photographer}

I work with Diego's mom at Novell. I have never met any of her kids or hubby, but let me tell you, her and her hubby make handsome boys! Diego was SUPER easy to work with (I was a lil' nervous about this one because most guys HATE taking pictures, let alone being in front of the camera all alone!) But like I said, Diego is the bomb. I also, loved the way his mom made him laugh during our time together. It was so much fun to be around them, and I am so lucky they asked me to capture this exciting time in his life! YAY for graduating!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brady at 9 months {Utah County Children Photographer}

This guy turned 9 months last week! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I was just looking at his 6 month pictures that I took and I swear he has grown like 8 inches! Ok maybe not that much but he is definitely leaving the baby stage sooner than I ever thought he would. He is turning into a little boy almost overnight!

I love this smile! He of course is looking at his daddy!

He soon found how small the blanket was...and that there were cool rocks he just had to try to taste!

Look how excited he is!!

When we were all done because he was pretty much fascinated with EVERYTHING BUT 
looking at me...daddy decided to swing him upside down. he loved every second of it!
I wish you could hear the squeals he was making!