Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer}

Today I am sharing the wonderful Salt Lake wedding at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building I was able to 2nd shoot at! Tiffany (my most fave photog ever) let me tag along and second shoot for this beautiful ceremony. You can see all of her amazing work HERE. I LOVE shooting and being at weddings. I love seeing the love 2 people have for one another and see them committing to one another for all of time. Through thick and thin, they offer their love for one another. It always makes me love my husband more and realize how precious love is and how lucky I am to have it! Jeff & Tia are no exception! They were so in love and so cute and beaming with happiness the entire day. Tiff, thanks so much for letting me help and learn from the master! I had a wonderful time!

Now let's end it with a Smooch!

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  1. Wow, those are great! What a pretty wedding..P.s. I'm in love with her heels!! So cute!