Friday, May 27, 2011


NO I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth...
BUT I have been hard at work at branding my business! It has been so fun to hire
a graphic designer and have her use my ideas to come up with some branding for my
business that embodies my personality.

I am in love with the color pallet!! To me it shows how happy I am,
but I also think it shows off the fun side and I like how clean the design is as well.
There are a few other changes coming my way (and yours)!!

I have been working hard to get my new blog-site up and running...
It's not quite ready for the big debut but I will be rolling that out JUNE 1!
I love the functionality of it way more than just blogger....but the one bummer
is that there is not a "Follower" application (or I haven't found one yet).
The best thing for all of my followers to do would be to
subscribe to the RSS feed (the orangey button after my intro) and that will let you know
when I have posted something knew. Oh and there is always the bookmark feature in the
web browser as well! I hope that all of the followers I have right now will make the jump
with me...I promise it will be awesome! I am so grateful for all of you and hope that
you will continue to follow me on my photo journey!

Now check out all these goodies that came my way! I was in heaven and it was like 
Christmas in MAY! I hope you all will love it as much as I do. There are other goodies besides
the ones below but this should give you a good idea of my new brand!
Yay for Brooke Bakken Photography!

 New Blogsite Header :)

~Front of my Business Card~

Back of my Biz Card!

SIDE NOTE- My business has been as successful as it is because of all of you and
sharing with your friends. If any of you would like some of my business cards to hand out to
any of your friends please send me an email (
and I would LOVE to send you some!

~Fun lil' sticker~

How perfect is this?
They would make the perfect gift for any friend or family!

I am so in love with all of my new goody goodness and I am so grateful for Kim at 
MadiLu Designs for all her hard work and amazing vision!
Check out all her work...she is legit!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! OMG I think everything looks so pretty and great! I'm so excited for you and your business! XOXO!