Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Foto {Good}Friday & Happy Easter {Utah County Children Photographer}

I LOVE Easter! I love what it represents and what it reminds all of us of...
I am not sure how bunnies and egg hunts got thrown in the mix,
but I won't complain because Mini Cadbury eggs are a little slice of Heaven!
I took these cute lil' boys out for some pics and came home with a full memory card!
I love watching these BFF's interact and play with one another.
Brady constantly wants what KP has and it doesn't matter what it is, all Brady knows
is that if KP has it, he wants it. Poor KP cried when Brady took his shoes.
I don't blame him though, his shoes were pretty shnazzy.
Please excuse the photo I said my card was full when arriving home!

Look at that smile!!


  1. I LOVE those two boys! I'm a lucky auntie to have such handsome boys in my life! P.s. I am obsessed with Brady's front teeth! SO freakin cute!

  2. These are too cute! I guess ya found the bunny ears:) Great work!

  3. Great Pictures! What a cute kid! Nice work :)