Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

Ok so last week I was a total slacker! Michael and I had to split up the day and play babysitter, so real work had to be done and Fun Foto Friday was put on the back burner! I promise I have a few funny images this week to make up for last week! I have more funny faces to add to my collection.  I am pretty sure in college I didn't take one serious photo...or maybe I did but they all morphed into weird face pics. Quick! Who can make the ugliest face!?

I'm pretty sure Traci's face trumps my fish face! :)
This one happens to be while at a red light...why not take a weird picture?! 
Now is as good as any ol' time right?

Ah yes a normal one... :) We rock at life!

Traci I love you long time :) Thanks for not hating me sharing these wicked awesome photos!

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  1. oh dear! sick sick sick! but theyre good memories :)