Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

Yay it's Fun Foto Friday! I love this day for 2 reasons! A. I get to share fun and funny photos from my past with you and 2. TGIF!!! I LOVE me some weekend time with my boys! 

Today's pics are of the three amigos...Thulin Style!
I love these ladies! No matter what happens, good or bad, miles apart, or under the same roof,
we always seem to have a good time! (Not that there haven't been a few blow ups now and then!)
These were taken when Kait was a senior in HS. Doesn't she look like a freshman?? She always
has been the skinny one (total B word) but oh well what are you gonna do right?!
She is like a walking barbie doll I swear. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall-ish, skinny and some nice bombs :)
And then there is my mom, the Kipster! I love this woman! She is AMAZING and
such a wonderful example to me. I am one lucky girl to call her mom.

This picture is perfect. Kait can throw a mean "tude" every now and then. She happened
to throw one MID photo sesh. I took matter into my own hands! I look fierce! :)

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